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Prayer for Financial Freedom


Prayer for Financial Freedom

I know the wisdom of God is in me now, in this moment and always present. I connect with that wisdom in prayer as I voice this prayer for prosperity.

I am a being of Pure Spirit. I live in a perfectly ordered Universe that is compassionate and conspiring for my Good. I come in prayer, confidently, to release the burden of debt in my life. I take full responsibility for the circumstances that I find myself in now, and I affirm my vision of living debt free.

I see myself as worthy of all that life has to offer. I harmonize myself with the Universe and know that money is merely energy in motion. I see abundant resources available to me that satisfy all my needs, now and in the future. Money comes easily from expected and unexpected sources.

I see myself now, living a stress-less and prosperous life. I focus on my life of ease with money and all is well. I manage my money with grace and responsibility. God is good and all is well. And so it is, for the good of all concerned. Amen.


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