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Prayer for Disasters


Prayer for Disasters

Holy Spirit, in this place and time, I am at one and at peace with your loving presence. I draw near to thee, God, knowing the comfort of your divine wisdom and guidance in my life.

In my world, thousands of people – my brothers and sisters – have been affected recently by natural disaster and calamitous situations. I hold them in the heart of hearts of the Most High. I extend a loving blanket of care and compassion over all of them, reaching out to their extended families who may be unsure of their well being. I send the Loving Light of God to be a peaceful presence in their hearts as they go through these days of trial and challenge.

God, we know your Loving Hand reaches out in generous support and love to each and everyone. We know there is order and divine goodness in everything that is visited upon us. May each one touched by this, either directly or indirectly, be changed by this experience in a glorious way. May each be called up higher to know the blessed gift in this experience for them.

The power of God works miracles now, today, in this situation. Mighty forces for good come together in wonderful ways, inspiring people and making marvelous things come to pass. We know the hand of God is at work and that, truly, all is well.

Bless the caregivers, the rescue workers, those charged with keeping peace and order… may each of these find within them a wellspring of strength and goodness to pour out upon those in need. Bless the leaders and decision makers, that they may be divinely guided and inspired…..may this situation bring out the best in them and all people. Bless the uncounted among us who have made their transition to their next experience of Life. We comfort their souls in their ongoing and we know that God’s angels assist and aid them in stepping into their next peaceful and loving place. May they release and let go and enjoy their next dimension.

We hold up our people, our citizens, the media and the masses. We bless the reactions and the outpouring. We see more than enough money and resources being provided to overcome this situation. The All Good and Almighty work in wondrous ways. Through this, each of us is lifted up and exalted in the Goodness of God. And so it is. Amen.

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