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Prayer for Travel


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Prayer for Travel

The Almighty and Loving presence of God is within me now. I am safe and loved as I dwell in the sanctuary of this sweet peace.

I am grateful, Dear Lord, for the opportunity to travel. You have provided us with a lush and lavish world, full of wonder, and delightful in its diversity. Bless me as I embark on this journey.

As my travels unfold, I ask your blessing God, upon all those that I may encounter. Bless the people I am traveling with, the service workers along the way, the strangers, the new friends, and those that make my travel possible. Bless every vehicle that I am carried in; may it be safe and in good repair. May it be protected and enveloped in your secure light as I go on my way. Bless my baggage and my things; may they arrive safely with me everywhere I go. Bless every driver, pilot, maintenance worker, cook, server, and hospitality worker – they serve me well. I am grateful for their attention and expertise.

Bless all my actions, keep me safe and alert. May I be fully aware and present everywhere I go. May I go in peace and walk in your heavenly Light, dear God. And may I return home happy, well, and with many memories of my journey. I rejoice in this opportunity and I go with the confidence of your loved and precious child. Amen.

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