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Prayer for Retirement


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Prayer for Retirement

In the center of my awareness is the profound knowing that God and I are one. And as I reach out in prayer, I know I am reaching inward to the Holy Presence that abides with me always.

The God of my understanding has been with me through my learning, my vocation, and my leisure pursuits – for all of my life. There is no place and no circumstance that is separate from God. Right now, I am {considering/planning/enjoying/experiencing} a phase of my life that we call retirement. From my vantage point, I am considering all the miraculous twists and turns that my life has taken. I am grateful for being right here in this powerful place, right now.

I bless my retirement years. I see myself in a state of truly understanding and appreciating who am I and who I am becoming. I live life to the fullest with each day being a slice of my story that has meaning, substance, and laughter. I make living my values a priority. I engage with life in a manner that is generous with others and with myself. My gratitude runs deep and I lavishly love those close to me, savoring our times together.

I envision my retirement years as healthy, active, and interesting. I value my health and I bless my diet, my activities and my doctors. Everything works in harmony for my health and well being.

May my life be a legacy of goodwill, love, service, and joy. I easily find ways to express my joy and keep the cycle of happiness going. God blesses my days of retirement as all the pleasures of life rush to meet me daily. For this, I am grateful beyond measure. Amen.


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