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Prayer for Prosperity


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Prayer for Prosperity
The abundant and ever-present spirit of God is within me and I am now in the Presence of Abundance, Richness and Glory. All that I am is one with the mighty power of the All Good.

In the presence of the now, I give thanks for all that I have. I am blessed to be here in this moment affirming my good fortune and the abundant and compassionate truth about the world in which I live. God is delighted in me and all that I can dream and perceive is within my reach and my Universe. I proclaim my prosperity now, owning my inheritance in the rich kingdom of my Mother and Father God.

I have prosperous relationships with others. I enjoy harmonious friendships and loving connections with my family. God in me shows up in my relationships to ensure a joyful outcome to each situation; my lessons are easy. I have prosperous health in my physical and mental body; I enjoy vitality and live pain free, with strength and clarity of thought. I have the capacity to do all that I need to do and more, feeling young and energetic each and every day.

I have prosperity in my work and feel called to live a life with meaning. What I do makes a difference in the world and in my life. I am valued and valuable and I have a clear mission to fulfill. My finances are prosperous. Money flows to me and from me with ease; I have more than enough. Unexpected sources supply me with my good and I am filled with gratitude.

My prayers of thanksgiving multiply the good that comes to me. I work with the laws of the Universe and live in a constant state of prosperity and riches. I am responsible and in charge of my abundance; and I make wise and insightful decisions about my prosperity. God and I are one in the richness of Life. And so it is, Amen.

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