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Prayer for Grief and Loss


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Prayer for Grief and Loss

Precious Spirit of God, be with me and comfort me now. I feel Your Sweet Light all around me, enveloping me in the safety of your heavenly presence.

I honor the sorrow in my heart, dear God, and know that you reach out to me in my time of need. There is a heaviness within me now and such a feeling of loss. I know that the circle of life moves onward each day, and each day you give me hope and renewal with the rising of the sun. There is an order in the Universe and I am part of it. I feel warm and loving arms surrounding me and holding me close, protected and secure in the nearness of you, God.

I move through this grief experience with grace and understanding. I wait on you, God, for my messages, my gifts and my blessings. I know there is divine order in my life and in this time of sadness. I honor my feelings, and I give voice to the emotions I am experiencing. The feeling nature of Life is the certainty of my oneness with God. May I grow from this experience. May I appreciate and love the memories, cherish the joys, and give tribute to that which is lost.

I am stronger today than I was yesterday; yea, wiser, sweeter and more hungry for my future. I am filled with hope as I face today and know that I go comforted in the peace of the Most High. Amen.

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