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Prayer for Decision Making


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Prayer for Decision Making

Benevolent God, comforter of my soul, I am one with thee in this time and place. This is my holy moment.

I am divinely guided in my life. This has been my truth and will continue to be my truth. In consciousness, I connect with you, God, and affirm a strong inner knowing. As I face this decision regarding my {topic}, I am in one-ness with my Highest Source and I am open to new insights. I have all the information that I need to make my decision; all manner of support rushes to me and I absorb everything I need to know. My decision making process is careful, complete and laser-focused.

My decision is for the highest good of everyone concerned with this outcome. When my decision is made, I feel a sense of completion and perfection; a sense of peace in my deepest place of knowing.

God, you are my decision making partner and we look forward to our next steps in life with jubilant anticipation and gratitude. I am in charge of my life and I am proud of this decision. All is well. Amen.

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