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Prayer for Aging Parents


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Prayer for Aging Parents

Blessed Breath of God, of Life, breathe through me now. In this moment, I feel the sweet and merciful fullness of God in me. I have the wisdom, grace and love of God filling my soul.

Precious God, as I watch my aging {parents, mother, father, grandmother, step father, etc} change and move through the cycles of life, I am filled with emotion. Help me to be a patient and loving adult child in this experience. Show me how to honor my feelings and how to be aware of all the lessons and gifts you have for me in this experience.

I appreciate my {parents, mother, father, grandmother, step father, etc} and all that (they she, he) have/has brought to my life. I feel the early taste of grief as I realize {their, her, his} mortality….and my own. Fill me with respect, a big heart and a giving spirit, Lord. Help me to know the right things to do in each situation; may I always be a Light to them as their journey continues.

Prepare me Lord, for what lies ahead. Only you know the richness of our journey, God. In our Oneness, I know you light the way for them and for me. May sweet and merciful angels be with our family throughout all our days. I give thanks for the many gifts I have already received in this family and the gifts in the days to come. All is well and God is good. Amen.


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