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Surgery Intention and Affirmation


Surgery Intention and Affirmation

The God of my Understanding and I are at once in a Sweet state of divine union. I am comforted by the in dwelling peace of the All Good.

It is the evening before my surgery, I am calm and at peace. I am smiling. My friends have called and emailed to say they are with me. It is easy to pray and meditate and feel the Presence. I am completely at ease. I have a wonderful night’s rest and happy, hopeful dreams.

I awake rested and ready for my experience. I am loving my whole body in its total and complete perfection. My whole body is prepared and poised for this experience. I am especially loving and supportive to my {body part to receive surgery} which will receive this surgery. I love my { body part to receive surgery} and send it tremendous positive energy and white light. I am loving the tissue that will be removed and affirming that it has served me and can now be released and go to the Light.

I am in the presence of Pure Power. When I arrive at the hospital everything is organized and perfect for my experience. Every person who is there to serve me is positive and helpful. They only want the best for me. Everything goes so smoothly and I feel divinely guided and protected.

Each of us going through this experience, my family, friends, caregivers, my doctors, nurses and the lab technicians, all made holy contracts to have this experience together. We agreed this and are now on this journey to fulfill our destiny of LIFE together at this precise appointment in time. We recognize and love one another on a soul level.

Every place I go in the hospital and especially my surgical suite is sterile and clean and I am divinely protected and led through this experience. All of the equipment and tools used are in perfect working order.

My doctors and nurses are rested, refreshed and completely focused on me. Their minds are sharp and tuned. They have trained and learned and remembered for many years just so that they could serve me now in my hour of need in this holy moment. I bless them for that.

My body readily accepts these treatments, anesthetics, and procedures. I am held in the loving hands of God at all times. All of my bodily systems are cooperating and working with this experience for my whole health. I am at ease. The doctor makes the perfect incision, just right and I generously give just the right amount of tissue that I do not need anymore for this life experience. Even as this is happening, I am already healing and held in the Light.

The doctor neatly and gently closes the wound and I am blessed. My body is saying a prayer as I breathe in my new state without this tissue. I am healing and whole. The anesthetic is leaving my body as it is not required anymore. I am taking care of myself. I am respectfully honoring what my body needs to recover. I love my { body part to receive surgery} and thank it for coming through this with me. I support my { body part to receive surgery} in its healing and recovery. I am grateful to all my caregivers at {my hospital} and I channel my gratitude to them on a soul level. They are blessed by what they do.

I affirm that the lab technicians and every one associated with analyzing and making recommendations on my case are Enlightened and fully present as they do this work and serve ME. They only want my highest and good.

As I continue this journey, I am divinely supported and guided each step of the way. All is well. God and I are one in this experience. I am listening to all of the lessons God has for me and my wholeness is ensured.

I am complete now with {disease or diagnosis named} in my life. I release any situations, blocks, scars, wounds or any reason for to {disease or diagnosis named} visit me again. I thank my God for these experiences and know what my work is now to do. I am healthy and whole in every way. And every little cell in my body is happy and joyous to be in this experience of being Me!! Amen and amen.

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