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Prayer for End of Life


Prayer for End of Life

God is here and now, an ever present source of comfort and peace. God is in me, as me, radiating peace and serenity in this moment of consciousness.

I pray this prayer of gratitude for {the life of name/my life} as the days hasten toward {his/her/my} next experience. I rest in the knowledge of a loving God and a compassionate Universe that enfolds me and soothes me during this precious time of transition and transformation. I am at peace, knowing that all is well. I reflect on {his/her/my} rich and abundant life, and I give thanks. I bring to mind those that {he/she/I} love(s), and I am appreciative.

I pray for a gentle releasing and letting go. I pray for a loving and joyous merging of {his/her/my} soul with the pure essence of Love. I know that {he/she/I} am/is always connected to those {he/she/I} love and cherish and {he/she/I} look forward to the new relationship we will enjoy when this life, as we know it now, is concluded.

With a thankful heart and a willing Spirit, I lean into this experience. This is the cycle of Life and of All Good. God is near. God is here. Amen.


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