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Prayer for Family Harmony


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Prayer for Family Harmony

There is one presence and power in our lives and in our hearts – the ever growing and glowing light of God. I connect with that power now in this time of sacred prayerful communion with the Holiest of Spirits.

God, you have given us this shared community that we call Our Family. We are so grateful for the many blessings that have been showered on us and the love that we have shared throughout the years. We honor our ancestors and the genetic forces and wisdom forces that have been at work as our family has evolved.

Bless our family with warm and open, loving connections. May each of us find what we need and what needs us in this family. May we grow to love and cherish one another as our lives change and we transform. We know that we are an organic entity, always evolving and forming new connections and new meaning. May each of us appreciate one another, live in respect, and always be there for the other.

May our connections be strong, but allowing. May our words always be full of love. May be grow in pride as this family endures and grows in substance and truth, day by day. And so it is. Amen.


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